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Makers & Hackers Day (Signage)

A while ago I volunteered to help out with material for the Makers & Hackers day and was asked to do the signage for the event.

The brand for the event was designed by Matt Clough, so my job was really to work out where I could hang the signage and how I could use the brand within that space.
Signage is something …

Typographic Experiment 1 – Paper

Following up on my decision to look more closely at typography I’ve been experimenting with transforming Gill Sans into a ‘Paper Type’.
This is a little piece of spin off work from one of the topics that I’m considering for my MDes Project, which is looking at reformatting and reappropriating online content, specificaly news to make online news consumption more passive.

Prototypo – Font Generator

Prototypo is an open-source font creation tool which will be launching a beta and crowd-funding campaign in October 2013.
Click here for a video overview of the software
It looks magnificent, and as somebody who feels the need to further explore type I can’t say how excited I am about this.
I’ve been thinking about type quite a lot recently, following a comment …

Curated By … Martin O’Neal

Martin’s talk took us through a history of his design education and professional work, highlighting examples from different stages of his career as well as different phases of development in terms of the style of his work.
He opened this lecture by talking about his design education and his preference for traditional printing over digital and computer based work. This is …

Self Directed Brief (Curated By) – Evaluation

My main aim with this project was to produce an outcome that made it easy for users to find content that was of interest to them. And I feel that I have been successful with this. I’ve put a lot of effort into research of different ways of filtering content and displaying information and I believe that the system I …

In the Blink of an Eye

Footage from my visit to In the blink of an eye exhibition at the National Media Museum

I can see myself visiting here frequently from now on. Their next exhibition which is also of interest to me is Life Online starting at the end of this month.
Below is the Forms installation from the same exhibition