Prototypo – Font Generator

Prototypo is an open-source font creation tool which will be launching a beta and crowd-funding campaign in October 2013.

Click here for a video overview of the software

It looks magnificent, and as somebody who feels the need to further explore type I can’t say how excited I am about this.

I’ve been thinking about type quite a lot recently, following a comment from one of my tutors a couple of months ago that he feels that my type is generally very good. This left me a little surprised as I’ve always felt my typography skills are have been a little lacking, and have always tended to play it safe rather than explore and experiment.

My focus this year is on motion and interactive design, but good typography underpins so much of graphic design that I really feel the need to proactively learn about and experiment with type before I leave university and go off into the wider world of work.

I’ve subscribed to their mailing list and will give an update once I’ve tried the Protptypo beta.